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United way&Family and Children First Council


Seneca Help

(419) 443-0981

201 S.Washington St. Tiffin, OH

(419) 447-5011

You may be eligible for medical assistance

​​​​​​Parenting...The most important job in the world  <3

797 E. Twp. Road 201 Tiffin, OH Services for children ages birth up thru 5 years old Early Intervention Help me Grow

Breastfeeding Support Group (419) 447-3691
Meet every Wednesday 10:30 - 11:30 at Seneca County Health Department This group is for you if you are a breastfeeding mom or plan to breastfeed.



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Family and Children First Council 


Family Learning Center   

                                           (419) 447-7674


Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services (419) 448-9440
76 Ashwood Dr. Tiffin, OH
122 W Center St.Fostoria, OH_ (419) 435-0204
ADHD F.O.C.U.S. program
  I-FAST intensive treatment program targeted for you who have mental health or behavioral, and alcohol /or drug problems.
Diagnostic Assessment Services

·       Indiviual,Group,Family and Marital Counseling
·       Partial Hospitaliztion Services
·       Case Management for people with a severe mental illness
·       Medication Therapy
·       Psychiatric

Evaluation 24 Hour Hotline Services
24 Hour Crisis Services
Services for Spanish Speaking and Other Populations
Services for the Hearing Impaired
Critical Incident Debriefing Services to assist community agencies, organizations and other service providers in
coping with a trauma event

Seneca Autism Learning & Support Association (419) 436-1898 or (419) 619-8689
797 E. Clinton TR 201, Tiffin, OH 44883
​  SALSA meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the Learning Resource Center at Sentinel.
 Focusing on Autism

Heartbeat (419) 447-8681
P.O. Box 223 Tiffin, OH 44883 Help with pregnancy, baby needs for newborns (when they get donations) Pregnancy crisis

Seneca County DJFS (Adoption Services)(419) 447-5011
​ 3662 South Twp. Rd. 151 Eden Twp. Tiffin.OH 44883 Information about agency provided training for foster parents Adoption services

OB Clinic -Tiffin Mercy Hospital(419) 447-3130
45 St. Lawrence Drive, Tiffin, OH

Parent Mentor Program
Seneca (419) 447-2927
Wyandot (419) 294-3445
·  Mentors can attend school IEP and other meetings to advocate for you and your children.

Patchworks House- Parenting Classes (419) 448-0080
42 Madison St. Tiffin, OH
Free parenting classes
Supervised and unsupervised meeting place for parent/child visitation

Seneca County Health Department(419) 447-3691
71 S. Washington St. Tiffin,OH
WIC Services (419) 448-5742
Fostoria Office, 801 Kirk St., Fostoria OH (419) 435-4401
The WIC target population are low-income, nutritionally at risk:
·       Pregnant women (through pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after birth or after pregnancy ends).
·       Breast feeding women (up to infant’s 1st birthday)
·       Nonbreastfeeding postpartum women (up to 6 months after end of pregnancy)
·       Infants (up to 1st birthday). WIC serves 45 percent of all infants born in the United States.

​ Children up to their 5th birthday.

Center for Women's Health (419) 355-0789
595 Bartson Road Fremont, OH

Caring Hands Pregnancy Center (419) 435-2273
112 E. North St. Fostoria, OH

Catholic Charities(419) 244-6711
1933 Spielbausch Ave. Toledo, OH toll free: 800-926-8277

Caughman Health Center (419) 427-0809
(Located in The Family Center)- 1800 North Blanchard St, Suite 121, Findlay, OH

Community Health Services (419) 334-3869
410 Birchard Ave. Fremont, OH (419) 334-8855
fax: 419-334-8546

Family Health Connection (419) 436-6630
​ 501 Van Buren St. Fostoria, OH