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United way&Family and Children First Council


Seneca Help

St. Vincent DePaul of Fostoria  (helps with utilities and housing)

Phone: 419-435-7259

Fostoria Sharing Kitchen  321 N. Main St. Fostoria, OH

Phone: 419-436-1667

Open: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:45 to 11:45

Fish of Tiffin Food Pantry  131 E. Perry St. Tiffin, OH

Phone: 419-448-0690

  • Provides emergency food
  • Prescriptions
  • Financial aid assistance is limited to $30
  • Call between 9:00am and 3:00pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Attica Community Food Bank  Attica United Methodist Church 203 W. Tiffin St.

Phone: 410-426-8881

Assists those in the Seneca East School District with food. Call ahead for food bank times and dates.

Commission on Aging (Seniors)  382 S. Huron St. Tiffin, OH

Phone: 419-447-5792

  • Senior Meal Service/Mobile Meals
  • Clients likes and dislikes are factored into meal preparation.
  • Regular and low sugar meals are available.
  • Regular meals cost $3.00/Special meals cost $3.40/Programs for very low incomes.

The Salvation Army Soup Kitchen  505 W Market St. Tiffin, OH

Phone: 419-447-2252

Meals served 11:30 to 12:30 Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

  • Open Pantry: Monday-Friday 8:00 to 4:00
  • Boxes of food for Seniors over 60 are given the 2nd Tuesday of  each month.
  • Low income families can receive boxes of  food the Friday after the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Kiwanis Manor (Seniors)  7 W. Market St. Tiffin, OH

Phone: 419-448-4541

  • Senior Meal Service

3362 S. Twp. Rd. 151 Tiffin, OH

Phone: 419-447-5011

Pantry Plus of Seneca County 115 S. Main St. Fostoria, OH

Phone: 419-619-2769  Emergency Phone: 419-619-0183

Food pick up: M, T, F 8:00-1:00 and Friday: 9:30-11:30

St. Paul's United Methodist (Sharing Kitchen)   46 Madison St. Tiffin, OH

Phone: 419-443-1743

Meals served 11:30 to 12:30 , Monday and Thursday *No income verification needed.

71 S. Washington St. Suite 1102 Tiffin, OH

Phone: 419-447-3691

  • Provides supplies for women, infants, and children.
  • Gives nutrition information and referrals.
  • If you receive Medicaid or ADC you are elgible with poof or call for more information and income guidelines.

Sharing Kitchens